At Focus Ventures, we strive to respond promptly and efficiently to investment opportunities. Because of our well-defined investment criteria, it's usually clear to us early on whether or not an investment is right for our portfolio. This enables us to provide a quick response to prospective investments and to focus our due diligence process on only a few companies at a time.

Our process typically begins when the firm receives a business plan through our network of investors and entrepreneurs. Based on our review of the plan, one or two of us may schedule an initial meeting with company executives. We then present the opportunity to our investment team, seeking to gauge support early in the process. Our goal is to optimize our own time as well as yours, to make the best investment decisions while minimizing disruption to company founders/executives.

If the group opts to proceed with evaluating an opportunity, we assign a two- to three-person team to conduct due diligence on the company and its products. We meet with each member of the senior management team, typically on-site. We also rely heavily on conversations with customers to assess the company’s product - both strengths and weaknesses. Research analysts and industry executives are also an important source of market intelligence for us, as well as discussions with the company’s prior venture capital backers.

Upon successful completion of our due diligence, we invite the CEO to make a management presentation to our entire team. Immediately following, we make a final consensus decision.

We know that time is of the essence. Our process is designed to be very thorough while facilitating quick decision-making and responsiveness to our network of entrepreneurs and venture capital firms.